Pop the Blocks

Pop the Blocks is a mix between Lumines and a match 3 puzzle. Connect as much as you can same-colored blocks before the metronome pass. 

Controls : 

  •  arrow : move
  • x : turn blocks to the left
  • c : turn blocks to the right
  • space : drop the blocks

You can play with a gamepad 🎮

About the game :

I made this game during my vacation. The game concept changed not least that 5 times during the developments but I found the result not so bad. Not very handsome but playable. I used royalties free music, it sucks a bit but it's the best I can do ( I really have no knowledge in music). At least I hope it will entertain you during a couple of minutes. 


Game engine : Superpowers

Code and Art : Guiraud Maxime.

Music and SFX : 

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